Automatic Fire Alarm at 14 Bonsall Avenue in Glenolden

On Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 1550 hours companies 05 (Glenolden), 01 (Folcroft) and 09 (Sharon Hill) were dispatched for the Automatic Fire Alarm at 14 Bonsall Avenue in Glenolden. The Automatic Fire Alarm was subsequently upgraded to a building response, upon confirmation by the Glenolden Police Department confirming smoke showing.   Company 05 Captain Brian Righter (05-12) assumed command, confirming a working rear bedroom fire, in a 2 1/2 story single family dwelling. Crews from Squad 01 and Engine 05 stretched a line off of Squad 01 while Company 09 assisted by laying in from the hydrant. Additionally, Company 09 assisted with ventilation and securing the utilities. Company 43 (Holmes) split its crew into a RIT team and others assisted with overhaul.  Company 02 (Norwood) set ladders, assisted with ventilation and overhaul. Crozier medic 100D transported an individual to a local hospital, Medic 75-7 (Briarcliffe) was on standby. The fire was placed under control prior to the 30 minute mark, with all hands still working. Damage from the fire was minimal due in large part to the automatic fire alarm system installed at the residence and the continued hard work from our volunteers.