Electronic Donations
Note from Our Fire Company

Dear Residents of Glenolden Borough

Your support of the Glenolden Volunteer Fire Department continues to be outstanding. Last year’s fund drive allowed us to meet our basic fiscal needs and maintain a first class service for our residents. Continued community support is appreciated by every member of the Department. Your donation is a key part of our budget and allows us to continue to maintain and improve our service to you.

Your donation allows our Fire Fighters of the department to concentrate on improving their skills through regular training and drills every Tuesday night. Maintenance of equipment, apparatus and the station are also duties which require their time and leaves little time left for additional fundraising. This is why your donation is so important in keeping our operation strong.

In addition to our Fire Fighters, we have a staff of behind the scenes Supporters. These volunteers assist us with all non-fire related aspects of running our department including fundraising, maintenance, public relations, financials and social functions. If you are interested in assisting in these ways, please feel free to join us on the first Tuesday of every month during our meeting.

Please take the time right now to send in your contribution. Remember your donation allows us to continue a great American tradition – The Volunteer Fire Service.

Sincerely yours,

Glenolden Fire Company