Living Room Fire on Custer Ave

Company 5 and mutual aid were dispatched shortly after 0545 this morning to the 400 Block of Custer Ave in Glenolden Borough for a reported living room fire. Tower 5 arrived with heavy fire showing from a 2 1/2 story twin. Crews placed multiple 1 3/4 lines in service as the First Due Engine while […]

Fire & Iron Gathering is at Glenolden Fire Company Station 5

The Fire truck is finally in the building!  This 1959, V12, 24 spark plug, dual distributor, twin carburetors Seagrave is beautiful!   This unit still has the original hand painted logos from the Glenolden Fire Department in Pennsylvania.  We plan to continue to tinker on this beautiful machine as we continue to work on the […]

Willow Way Fire Cleared by Tower 5 and Engine 5 After 2 Hours

Tower 5 & Engine 5 along with mutual aid cleared a short time ago from this working fire in the 600 block of Willow Way in Glenolden Borough. Tower 5 arrived to find smoke showing, placing a line in service. Crews from T5 & E4 (Darby) found fire in the kitchen area, making a quick […]

City of Chester Bureau of Fire calls Glenolden Fire Co. for Assistance

Tower 5 was dispatched to the City of Chester last evening to assist City of Chester Bureau of Fire Crews set up on side C, putting Tower 5’s master stream in service. Tower 5 operated for roughly 3 hours before clearing. Engine 5 remained in town, staffed, handling 1 additional emergency.

Residential Rescue in Glenolden Borough

Engine 5 and Norwood EMS, alongside Rescue 1 just cleared from a residential rescue in Glenolden Borough. Engine 5 arrived at a tree uprooted onto a residence. All residents safely exited the home. Crews remained on location for a short time before clearing. Reminder, do not drive through flooded roadways you may encounter during your […]